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           Our mission is to provide a means for current and former musicians to gather together and create wonderful music within a friendly, family atmosphere.  The Kearny Mesa Concert Band is a community band first and foremost.  It is also a tuition free continuing education class of the San Diego Community College District.  The music played ranges from classical to popular, including original compositions, Broadway and movie show tunes, as well as traditional marches.  Musicians of all ages and abilities are welcome, but many of our players are retired and play music for personal enrichment and social interaction.  

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           Owing to concerns about spreading COVID-19 coronavirus, the San Diego College of Continuing Education has issued the following guidelines for Fall, 2021 classes:  Thus, the band will  be meeting in a hybrid way this fall, that is to say, half the class will meet in person each week and the other half will meet in a Zoom setting or other online work/assignment.  All students enrolled in courses resuming with any in-person component in the fall semester are required to submit proof of vaccination or a medical exemption.  Enrollment is now open for the fall semester class.  The class number is 74501.  For assistance in registering see Register on the Members page.  The band will rehearse at Mesa College, the CE Building, Room 118.


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